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House: Iris


A genuine innovation which today enables Fmg Fabrica marmi e graniti to offer the international market a unique product. The finest, rarest, choicest types of marble, stone and granite take shape in through-body colored slabs that have extremely high performance, because the raw materials (clays, sand and minerals) are selected at origin by Fmg, because the compacting pressure is incredibly high (480 per cm2), because the firing temperature is higher than that in a volcano (more than 1300°c).

More than 60 varieties of slabs, in different finishes (prepolished, polished, antique-effect, bushhammered, tumpled, structured, honed e slate) and sizes (300x150, 300x75, 150x75, 120x60, 90x45, 75x75, 60x60, 60x30, 45x45, 40x40 και 30x30).