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The presence of Bakatselos D.Sons, initially in the field of cement and steel and then in sanitary ware and heating dates back to 1927. The company became O.E [General Partnership] in 1945 and S.A in 1986. Its vision soon became synonym to reliability and quality always focusing on the customer's best service and satisfaction. For over 80 years, the company is ranking among the top Greek trade businesses for tiles and sanitary ware by representing tens of brand houses and meeting the needs of the customers.

The company’s success is due to the strategy of perpetual research and improvement of the rendered products and services. At present, through 5 chain stores (two exhibitions and three markets) in Thessaloniki, a customer services office in Athens and parts being after the constructors, the architects-decorators and the big technical projects through a wholesale network that covers the whole country, we promote the products of the biggest factories inland and abroad, having in our disposal an incredible variety of wall, floor and swimming-pool tiles, sanitary ware, bath accessories, fittings, sinks, heaters as well as kitchen furniture and heating products like boilers and heating equipment by investing in long-term trust relations with our clients and suppliers.

The company staff is under perpetual training with specialized knowledge and experience in order to search for new qualitative innovative products in competitive prices and provide immediate individualized service by suggesting solutions that would satisfy the needs and wishes of each customer. Recently, the company’s developing course is accompanied by investments in infrastructures and new technologies focusing on the best and quicker service of the client and his absolute satisfaction.

2004. Introduction of the system Logistics Vision WMS for the management of our warehouses’ feeding chain.
2005. Construction of new exhibition area occupying 3.000 square meters in Thermi

2007. Introduction of the system SAP ERP for the management and automation of all business procedures

2008. Construction of new exhibition area occupying 1.600 square meters in N.Efkarpia

2009. Construction of new Storage and Distribution Center of area 5.500 square meters in the region of Kalochori.

2010. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

2011. Introduction of "Kitchen Furniture"

2013. E-shop launch

However, the higher achievement of our company is our clients’ constant and honest trust towards our products and services by managing not only to cover their needs but even exceed their expectations.


Our vision is to be an innovative and pioneer company in the fields we activate and render competitive products of superior quality and high value to all our clients by assuring the improvement of their life quality. Our company’s mission is to render to our customers products and services of high professional level and always stay by them with respect and honesty, meeting their requirements quickly and reliably.