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Roca Group

Roca Corporaciόn Empresarial, S.A. is the mother company of a Group activating in the field of design, production and disposal of sanitary ware for professional architects, constructors and decorators of interior areas. The group owns industrial production units in four different continents and employs directly over 20.000 persons worldwide. Roca is universal leader in bath field, activating in 135 markets around the world. It also deals with the production and sale of floor and wall tiles. (Roca Cerámica). It constructs and disposes in the market a wide range of products by offering integrated solutions for the bathroom: sanitary ware by vitreous porcelain, bathtubs (made by cast iron, stove-enameled steel and acrylic). Jacuzzi bathtubs, shower, bath furniture, accessories and shower frames. The company also produces kitchen sinks and batteries as well as floor and wall tiles for interior and exterior use. Roca Cerámica disposes of marvelous designed products with the help of which anyone can achieve the desirable result and meet his personal demands. A special production procedure that focuses on maximum resistance, the long lifetime of smalts and colors and the absolute form preciseness of each part guarantee the quality of Roca tiles.

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